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DALO Commercial Tint

Large windows are a thing of beauty in modern architecture, but can come with a price. Increase in sun causes a rise of inside temperature; glare can make seeing a computer screen or TV difficult; UV rays damage wood floors, walls, artwork, carpeting, curtains and even skin.

The solution to problems large windows creates is Commercial Window Film. Utilizing Commercial Window Tinting Film will:
  • Reduce the internal temperature in a large glass structure by up to 20°
  • Reduce glare up to 94%, allowing employees added efficiency
  • Reduce damaging UV rays by 99.9%
  • Prolong air conditioning life due to the reduction of its use
  • This "Green" technology will save you money and protect the environment!
Privacy Window Film for Maximum Protection and Privacy
Our line of Dual Reflective Window Film is both superior in glare reduction, heat reduction, UV protection and privacy, plus it's economically sound. This film appears mirrored from the outside during the day, but provides a tinted view outside.

Clear Films for Restaurants and Retail Storefronts
Our line of Spectra Select films is ideal for restaurants and retail storefronts that donít want to lose visibility in from the outside but want to reduce the heat and harmful UV rays that damage displays. This virtually invisible film provides superior heat rejection while maintaining a high level of visibility and allows plenty of light to enter. The majority of the products in the Spectra Select series have a reflectivity level that does not exceed that of clear glass.

Decorative Films for Retail locations and Interior Office glass
Unlimited design options allows you to bring vibrant color, visual effects and graphic design to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces, giving you new power to enhance aesthetics, as well as impart privacy and safety in commercial spaces. Our glass enhancement window tinting opens a new world of creativity, functionality and flexibility. One look at a decorative film and you will know you have never seen a window tint film quite like it.

Logos and Lettering for Retail and Office Applications
You can customize a space with a corporate logo or signage. And choose from dozens of patterns to create enriching visuals; overlap multiple patterns to create signature effects. Our Window Security Film Can Help Protect Your Valuables We also carry a line of Window Security Film, these films will help protect your storefront or office space from vandals and "smash and grab" thieves by adding an 8 mill layer of film to the inside of your glass windows, thus protecting your property by making it extremely difficult for a vandal to gain access. We have films up to 15 mill in thickness that along with an attachment system will keep the glass in the frame in the event of an explosion or high wind storms, these films will reduce the possibility of injury from flying glass and reduce water damage from storms as your glass will stay in place.

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