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"Approximately 50% of a homes utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated glass."
                - EPA Energy Star Manual

Year-Round Comfort With Window Tinting
You've made a big investment in the purchase of your home. Protect your investment with Vista Sun Control Window Films. Vista Films will:

REDUCE the sun's heat from entering through glass windows and doors making your home more comfortable and lowering your electric bill. You can lower room temperatures up to 20 degrees.

ELIMINATE the fabric damaging ultraviolet rays from destroying your carpet, draperies and interior furnishings. Vista films offer 99.9% UV and UV B reduction.

REDUCE annoying and troublesome glare up to 88%.

INSULATE your windows during the colder months and prevent your heat from escaping.

MAKE GLASS STRONGER and safer from flying glass and debris during high winds.

OFFER complete daytime privacy where necessary.

Spectra Select Series This virtually invisible film utilizes precious metals and ceramic layers to provide superior heat rejection while maintaining a high level of visibility and allows plenty of light to enter your room. The majority of the products in the Spectra Select series have a reflectivity level that does not exceed that of clear glass.

Harmony Series The Harmony series is a low reflective film made out of ceramic layers and proprietary metals that combine to provide superior heat rejection and also moderate glare control.

Dual Reflective Series Our most popular line of film because it gives superior heat rejection and glare rejection. The interior appearance maintains a low level of reflectivity for better nighttime visibility, while the exterior appearance provides a uniform look and provides for daytime privacy.

Neutral Series Uses state-of-the- art sputtering technology that processes metals and alloys to provide a neutral appearance with very good heat rejection and excellent optical clarity.

Low-E Series These low emissivity films provide superior heat rejection with the added benefit of low emissivity increasing both summer and winter comfort.

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